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Any solution to be effective to the beneficiaries in large mass, it needs an implementation. As Social Innovation and Research is needed to address billions of people, the multiple analysis is very much essential. Any solution to the Social Problem cannot be made available to the beneficiaries without the proper

  • Testing
  • Effectiveness
  • Hurdles in reaching all beneficiaries

A dedicated Research and Technical team is needed apart from the implementation team.

Hence LGS Social Innovation and Research Centre, an unit of LGS Trust (R) is collaborating with the firms providing such technical and implementation support.

Following are the firms that LGS Trust has collaborated for Social Innovation and Research Works:


DGM Software Private Limited

Mr. Darshan Manjunath is delivering solutions to bridge the Digital Gap existing in today’s world. With his 15+ years of experience in the IT Industry, he is providing services to many firms across the world. His team and IT experiences has aided his passion of reaching the unreached segments of world with the present technology

His team with their office in Australia and India is delivering solutions to 30+ clients

Team is now joining hands with the LGS Social Innovation and Research Centre in

  • Developing the solution to address Indian Social Problems
  • Implementing the solution to address the problem of affected segments
  • Involving public in increasing the solution effectiveness
  • Involving technical students in the Solution Development
  • Providing Technical Internship to College Students by involving them in Live Social Problem addressing Projects

The more information is available on https://www.dgm-software.com/